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Technologies for DP Flow Measurement

With the changes in new technologies, pressure, flow, and the standards surrounding them, you need a company that can provide technologies that will provide continuous measurement without the wear and tear that usually accompanies longevity. Bell Technologies offers products that fill these needs at a very low cost of ownership in three main processes: oil, water and gas.

The Bell Technologies TORUS Water Meter (TWM) offers low cost of installation and ownership and sets the standard for for ease-of-use, reliability and economy. Our leading-edge meters offer versatile water flow measurement that offer a solution that is extremely robust.

Applications and Recommended Products::

  • Irrigation -- TORUS Water Meter (TWM)

  • Wastewater -- TWM

  • Desalination -- TWM

  • Plants -- CTT

  • Sanitary service -- CTT


Bell Technologies offers a complete differential pressure solution for measuring homogeneous and non-homogeneous flows whether they are high or low pressure applications. The newest patented design integrates easily into existing infrastructures and provides a solution for almost any oil flow application. Click here to learn more.

Applications and Recommended Products::

  • Liquids  -- CENTER-TAP TORUS (CTT)

  • Gases / wet gas --TORUS Carrier Plate (TCP),  CTT

  • Steam -- CTT, CTT OP

  • Multiphase -- CTT

  • Slurries -- CTT

  • Drilling Fluids -- Mud design CTT

  • Produced Water -- TCTT, CTT OP


Bell Technologies' offering to the gas flow measurement industry, the TORUS, has been proven to be extremely effective in handling the various changes in operating pressures and temperatures that dramatically affect gas flow measurement.  It overcomes the typical failure to compensate for significant flow effects that can cause flow measurement errors of 20 percent or more in many applications and offers better accuracy, low pressure drop, low maintenance costs and better cost of ownership.. Click here to learn more.

Applications and Recommended Products::

  • Gases / wet gas --TORUS Carrier Plate (TCP), CTT

  • Steam -- TCTT, CTT OP


For the gas industry, the TORUS offers repeatable flow measurement that supports regulatory compliance, helps reduce risk and ownership costs, and improves operational performance. Click here to learn more.

Applications and Recommended Products::

  • Chemical -- CTT, CTT OP

  • Liquids -- CTT

  • Gases == CTT

  • Steam -- CTT, CTT OP

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