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The TORUS Primary Flow Element Device

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TORUS Carrier Plate Dual Chamber, TORUS, CENTER-TAP TORUS, TORUS Water Meter, TORUS Single Chmaber Carrier Plate

Performance and durability are the trademarks of the Bell Technologies TORUS™ primary flow element. This simple yet effective differential pressure measurement solution is offered in several configurations and provides process measurement precision and improved longevity in both homogeneous and non-homogeneous measurement conditions.

Below are the industries and the Bell product recommended for each application. For more information, contact Bell Technologies at 713-465-7575.

​Simple Design

  • No moving parts, customizable

  • No critical surfaces to maintain

  • No critical meter alignments required

  • Greatest pressure recovery factor of

  • any differential pressure flow device

Industries and Recommended Products

Water Flow

  • Irrigation

  • Wastewater

  • Desalination

  •  Plants

  • Sanitary service

Oil Flow

  • Liquids 

  • Gases / wet gas

  • Steam

  • Multiphase

  • Slurries

  • Drilling Fluids

  • Produced Water

Gas Flow

  • Gases / Wet gas 

  • Steam

  • Liquids

Chemical / Refining Flow

  • Liquids

  • Gases

  • Steam


The patented TORUS is a primary flow element for the measurement of fluid flows through a closed conduit. It combines several attributes of various technologies in a single device. To learn more, click here.


The CENTER-TAP TORUS, the newest patented design, makes the transition from primary differential pressure to a very stable and accurate flow measurement device. It provides users with the ability to measure, sample and perform diagnostics all within one device. To learn more, click here.


The TORUS flow meter.

The TORUS Carrier Plate

The TORUS Carrier Plate allows users the advantage all the advantages of the TORUS primary flow element without the maintenance and costs of replacement. It  easily fits into any fitting from simplex to senior.


As with the other versions of the TORUS, this patented design makes the transition from primary differential pressure to a very stable and accurate flow measurement device.  It provides users with the ability to measure, sample and perform diagnostics all within one device. To learn more, click here.


The TORUS Carrier Plate stand alone (left) and inserted into a senior fitting (right).

The TORUS Drilling Mud Meter

The patented TORUS Drilling Mud Meter sets the stage for revolutionizing differential pressure (DP) flow measurement of
liquids, gases and slurries by combining the best attributes of other DP technologies into a single device that provides improved performance over a wider range of applications.

With a turn down range of 10 to 1, Bell Technologies offers a complete solution for mud flow and other drilling fluids. The system includes a multi-phase TORUS flow meter, a PLC, and a DP transmitter. To learn more, click here.

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The TORUS Drilling Mud Meter with a Siemens transmitter..

8inch_CL150_Toruswedge_section_3 (1).jpg

The TORUS CENTER-TAP flow meter.

The TORUS Water Meter

The TORUS Water Meter (TWM) has no moving parts and the operating principle is based on basic laws of physics. Its flow contoured robust design will withstand extreme weather conditions with practically no influence of debris in the flow stream. Meter allows direct mount instrumentation on the meter, installed between two mating flanges with 5D upstream and 2D downstream straight run and has no restriction of meter orientation.

The TWM offers flow rate measurement at a low cost of ownership and negligible operational expense or periodic inspection. A specially designed TWM can be retrofitted into an existing orifice meter-type differential pressure flow measurement system with dual or single chamber fitting. To learn more, click here.


The TORUS Water Meter is specially designed with a flat top to better allow for the possible mounting of any instrumentation..

The CENTER-TAP TORUS Orifice Plate

The CENTER-TAP TORUS Orifice Plate is the newest addition to the TORUS line of products.  Created as a replacement device for the standard orifice plate, it allows customers to easily retrofit their orifice flange unions with a new TCT OP. 


This new device works for all sizes, types of process, pressure, flow rates and temperatures and was designed for Oil and Gas, well produced water, steam, chemicals and refined products.  With the increased longevity, accuracy, repeatability, lower cost for installation and maintenance, the TCT OP provides a simple solution for better measurement. To learn more, click here.


The TORUS CENTER-TAP Orifice Plate

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