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CENTER-TAP TORU Orifice Plate Easy Retrofit For Orifice Flange Unions

 Houston, Texas — Bell Technologies, LLC announces the release of the newest addition to the CENTER-TAP TORUS product line – The CENTER-TAP TORUS Orifice Plate (CTT OP).  The CTT OP is the sixth addition to the Bell line of meters developed to address flow measurement and offer an alternative to the high cost of orifice plate and seal ring replacements. Learn more

CENTER-TAP TORUS Retrofitted to Carrier Plate Flow Measurement Device

Houston, Texas -- Bell Technologies, LLC recently released another update to the CENTER-TAP TORUS family called the TORUS Carrier Plate. The newest in a series of meters developed to address flow measurement, the TORUS Carrier Plate offers an alternative to the high cost of orifice plate and seal replacements.

"Bell Technologies is focused on continually innovating flow technologies," said Dave Bell, CEO and Chief Technology Officer. " The TORUS Carrier Plate gives customers the ability to overcome difficulties like bowing, sharp edge wear and single measurement points associated with orifice plate measurement.This latest update strengthens and adds to the TORUS' capabilities and offers industry better control of measurement uncertainties."  Learn more


Bell Technologies, LLC Announces Update to CENTER-TAP TORUS Flow Measurement Device

 Houston, Texas — Bell Technologies, LLC, a leader in process flow measurement, recently released an update to the TORUS CENTER-TAP primary flow element.  The newest in a series of meters developed to address flow measurement for clean to non-homogeneous applications, the CENTER-TAP provides users with the ability to sample and identify variations in density and/or flow profile deviations. Learn more


​First Center-tap Flow Measurement Device

HOUSTON, TX (June 6, 2017) – Bell Technologies, LLC introduces the CENTER-TAP TORUS (CTT) – a flow measurement device that delivers accurate and quantifiable measurement of multi-phase drilling fluids.


A primary flow element with a maximum pressure rating of 20,000 psi, the CTT is designed to handle the higher flow rates and multi-phase fluids that are typical in the drilling industry.  By tapping the center of the device throat, the primary element produces a single averaged pressure point from multiple points to equal the most accurate volume on any combination of flows. The location of the sensors is the key to obtaining the one pressure on a 360-degree circle. Learn more


Bell Technologies Introduces High-Pressure Multiphase Mud Meter

HOUSTON, TX (June 1, 2016) – Bell Technologies, LLC introduces the MULTI-PHASE TORUSWEDGE™ (MPT) – a high-pressure flow meter for safely measuring multiphase volumetric flow rates for wellbore processes. Learn more....

Test Proves TORUS Outperforms Coriolis in Multiphase Flow

Houston, TX (January 22, 2016) – Bell Technologies LLC, a global leader in helping businesses utilize advancements in the science of differential pressure flow measurement, recently announced test results proving that the TORUS™ outperforms the Coriolis in multiphase flow measurement.  Learn more

Bell Technologies Receives Patent for Innovative New DP Flow Measurement Element


Houston, TX ( -- Bell Technologies announced today that it has received a patent for the TORUSWEDGE™ primary flow element. The patent gives Bell its eighth patent for differential pressure flow measurement products and solutions.

"The patent was awarded based on the unique design of a two-sided sealing flange and the entrance and exit ramps performance over all other differential pressure devices," said Dave Bell, Owner, and the technology's creator. We believe the TORUSWEDGE flow element will revolutionize differential pressure measurement well into the next century." ​

The patented TORUSWEDGE primary flow element design incorporates an innovative circumferential wedge which completely encircles the flow stream. This unique wedge element combines the qualities of the orifice plate with the durability of the wedge. The result is a meter offering the highest accuracy and durability of any type of wedge meter.


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