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cropped version of pull apart TORUS 2019

Agriculture / Irrigation

In any irrigation network, water meters are a critical tool. New standards and laws vary across the U.S. and you need a meter that can handle any type of weather. With many different choices, choosing the ideal flow meter for your application is vital. Whether you're looking for greater control, easy installation, accuracy, billing solutions, consistent irrigation schedules or improved water quality, the Bell Technologies TWM solution eliminates the guess work and gets you operating quickly and efficiently. For more information on the TWM, click here.


Produced Water

Water coming up from a production well brings many flow measurement issues. Rocks, sediment and a variety of other products can often cause a device to falter. However, with the Bell Technologies TORUS, these issues are technically addressed. Click here to learn more about the TWM.

Water Flow Measurement

The Bell Technologies TORUS Water Meter (TWM) offers low cost of installation and ownership and sets the standard for for ease-of-use, reliability and economy. Our leading-edge meters offer versatile water flow measurement that offer a solution that is extremely robust.

The TWM will not wear or freeze no matter what the conditions or industry. The TWM can be used in any water flow situation -- irrigation, municipality, produced water, etc.


Waste Water

Acids, sludge and suspended solids present unique challenges in flow measurement. The TWM is a good flow meter for water treatment plants. With no critical edges to wear, no moving parts, and simple technology, it can operate for years in most any environment. Note: Accuracy of the TWM is predicated by the accuracy of the measured density. For more information on the TWM, click here.

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