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Gas Flow Measurement

During the last few years, there has been a tremendous increase in U.S. production of natural gas -- much of it derived from fracking plays.

Bell Technologies' offering to the gas flow measurement industry, the TORUS, has been proven to be extremely effective in handling the various changes in operating pressures and temperatures that dramatically affect gas flow measurement.  It overcomes the typical failure to compensate for significant flow effects that can cause flow measurement errors of 20 percent or more in many applications and offers better accuracy, low pressure drop, low maintenance costs and better cost of ownership.

The TORUS can easily fit into any senior fitting, is self-cleaning and is not damaged or clogged by high flow rates. This helps give a more accurate and consistent measurement of what the customer wants and pays for -- energy delivered.

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Custody Transfer -- Custody transfer is one of two forms of fiscal measurement. It is done under a contractual obligation between buyer and seller that may require adherence to accuracy,repeatability, linearity, or uncertainty standards defined by measurement standards such as American Gas Association (AGA) and American Petroleum Institute (API through the API 22.2 standard). The TORUS can help you meet and exceed these standards. Click here to learn more.

Municipalities -- The TORUS can be used to measure gases no matter what the gas contains or what its pressure rating might be. One of the first TORUS gas meters to be installed is still in operation in the Moscow, Russia, city gate after more than nine years. No replacements meter have ever been needed. To learn more, click here.

Shale Gas -- Shale gas usually means multi-phase measurement -- something the TORUS handles extremely well. To learn more, click here.

Flares -- Bell flare flow meters are a critical component used to monitor, measure and report the gas flows within safety systems. The TORUS provides plant operations with a tool to signal abnormal process changes, early leak detection, and report on flared gases to comply with environmental agency reporting. To learn more, click here.




TORUS Carrier Plate

Image 1.jpg

TORUS gas meter on the Moscow, Russia, city gate.

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